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March Hare - Marzen Style

5.8%ABV - 26.2 IBU
This Malty Reddish Amber Lager resembles Kathleen's Oktoberfest recipe but with a Spring Flare.  Officially this is a Marzen style beer for this time of year!


Pier 20 Hipster Fuel Hazy IPA

5.9% ABV - 53.8 IBU
This beer is just as Hazy as a typical forecast on the lake.  Brewed similarly to our Bong Bridge Hazy IPA, this beer features Citra Hops and a delicious juicy finish.

Winter Warmer

8.8% ABV - 32.7 IBU
Amber to dark in color.  Nice strong malt backbone. Delicately spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove!

"To Everything There is a Saison"

6.4% ABV - 27.9 IBU
This is a Belgian Farmhouse style beer.  It gives hints of coriander and clove on the palate.  This Saison finishes extremely clean.

The Pagan Pils'

5% ABV - 42.6 IBU
This light, Bohemian Pilsner is an exclusive Kat recipe she's carried with her. This fun and tasty brew is light and finishes with bitter notes characteristic of a true pilsner. 

A Superior Stout - Dry Stout

4.1% ABV - 39.7IBU
In honor of St. Patricks Day, Kathleen has once again brewed her favorite style of beer.  This Dry Stout has notes of chocolate and just the right amount of bitter from East Kent Golding and Nugget Hops!

Hot To Trotsky - Rye IPA

5.1% ABV - 62.6 IBU
Envision this beer marching at the head of the Soviet column through the Fulda Gap! A nice Red IPA with Rye taste.





32oz Fill - $15 & 64oz Fill-$25



7+% ABV


Scotch Barrel Aged Sour

5.9% ABV



House Specialties

North Coast Amber
~5.8% ABV 16 IBU

Derailed Ale
~5.6% ABV 37 IBU

Burntwood Black
~4.8% ABV 19 IBU

India Pagan Ale
~6.8% ABV 68 IBU

Lawn Chair 
~5.2% ABV 11 IBU