Seasonal Beers

Reddish amber in color with a full mouthfeel and noticeable malt sweetness. This is the Oktoberfest brew you've been looking for!
5.8% ABV 26.2 IBU

A Superior Stout - Dry Stout
Kathleen's favorite beer style. A dry stout which finishes clean. Has notes of chocolate and coffee. Big mouthfeel, but very refreshing!
4.1% ABV 39.7 IBU

And So It Gose...-Gose
Kathleen’s first kettle sour at Thirsty Pagan! A wheat based sour with coriander and sea salt. May be served alone or with your choice of a flavored syrup.Raspberry, Blueberry, Pineapple or Peach!
3.9% ABV 4.4 IBU

Hot to Trotsky-Rye IPA
This comes straight from Kathleen's Cold Warrior past. Envision this beer marching at the head of a Soviet column through the Fulda Gap! A nice reddish IPA with rye/peppery notes.
5.9% ABV 62.6 IBU 

Smokin' Hot Angel-Cream Ale Infusion
This recipe was featured as Kathleen's Pride beer in 2016. Using our cream ale as the base: Arbol and Chipotle peppers make up this smokin' hot infusion. 
4.5% ABV 15.9 IBU

Fresh Hopped IPA
Our India Pagan Ale with fresh hops, Chinook and Cascade, from St. Croix Valley Hops.
6.8% ABV 68 IBU

House Specialties

North Coast Amber
~5.8% ABV 16 IBU

Derailed Ale
~5.6% ABV 37 IBU

Burntwood Black
~4.8% ABV 19 IBU

India Pagan Ale
~6.8% ABV 68 IBU

Lawn Chair 
~5.2% ABV 11 IBU