Seasonal Beers


Schwartzbier Nitro

5.0%  ABV  28 IBU 10 oz

No Growler Fills


Danger Pils

6.8% ABV   40 IBU  Pint


Birne Sage Pils

6.8% ABV   40 IBU  Pint



6.6% ABV   31 IBU  Pint


Reinhold Berlin(er) Weisse 

4% ABV   7 IBU  10 oz Globe/Pint


Maku: Mixed Fermentation Sour Amber

5.2%  ABV    16 IBU  10 oz Globe


Yukon: Mixed Fermentation Sour Red

7% ABV 20  IBU   10 oz Globe

Available in 750 ml bottle


Vikre Voyageur Yukon

7% ABV   20 IBU 10 oz Globe


Mumford: Mixed Fermentation Sour Red

7.4% ABV   32 IBU   10 oz Globe


House Specialties


Burntwood Black

Roasty, malty, Black Ale brewed with seven varieties of barley for complex, robust flavor. 

Velo Saison

Pilsen, wheat and Munich malts set the stage for the yeast's fruity and spicy esters.


Guest Taps:

Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale

Castle Danger Ode IPA

Castle Danger Cream Ale

Lost Trout American Brown Ale

Blacklist Belgian IPA

Indeed "LSD" Honey Ale

Blacklist Classic Wit